Second Chances for Parrots (part 5)

This is a continuation from part 4 of this blog about Debbie Huckaby’s guest speaker presentation at the June Long Island Parrot Society (LIPS) meeting. You can find part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 here.

Debbie wrapped up her presentation by talking about the "economics of the sanctuary business." She stated that if she had to sum it up in one word, that word would be "challenging."

From a BOPS perspective, she explained "No single organization has the resources and expertise to solve the plight of the captive parrot. And while the need for bird sanctuaries continues to grow, funding needs continue to persist. Our organization spends between $40,000 and $50,000 annually on parrot food alone. Veterinarian bills can total thousands of dollars a year, and electric bills can soar to nearly $800 a month. We rely on donations and support to ensure that we can continue to rescue and rehabilitate the parrots who need a place to land when they find themselves homeless through no fault of their own."

Debbie has established herself as a thought leader in the economics of a sustainable non-profit revenue model. She discussed why a surrender/placement/adoption fee driven revenue model equates to a short-term, non-sustainable model and stated, "The only sustainable path for a donor funded, non-profit, sanctuary is establishing a mix of incremental revenue streams—each of which jointly support sanctuary operating expenses and programs. We are working very hard to establish this model through a blend of organizations and individuals."

To this effect, BOPS has established several methods where individuals and corporations can help support the organization, including annual membership, donations, in-kind donations, sponsoring a parrot, corporate sponsorship and foundation support. You can find links for each of these below.

During the 45 minute audience meet and greet that followed the presentation, Debbie answered a broad range of questions, including constructing safe aviaries, managing operating costs, motivating and managing volunteers, and behavioral issues in parrots.

In closing, wow. Eye opening and informative. A lot of information provided, but easy to digest. Thank you to Debbie Huckaby and her BOPS team for every bit of your hard work… 365 days a year.

If you are interested in having Debbie as a guest speaker at your organization, company and/or event, you can make a request here!

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