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Birds of Paradise Emergency Parrot Rescue Program


The Birds of Paradise Emergency Rescue Program is for abandoned, neglected and/or abused parrots in cases where emergency intervention is required. Through this vital community service, Birds of Paradise works independently of—or in cooperation with—Fish & Wildlife and other county animal services to perform in an emergency parrot rescue capacity. We subsequently provide these innocent parrots with the love, respect and dignity they deserve in a nurturing, stable environment for the duration of their natural lives.

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Constant Companions Parrot Adoption Program


The Birds of Paradise Constant Companions Program has been pairing people with compatible adopted parrots since 2012. At the crux of this program is our identification of parrots that will thrive in a home-based environment with an abundance of love and human companionship. One of the core values of this program is finding people for birds (and not the other way around), and accordingly our experienced staff works with each prospective adopter to find the most compatible bird that will bond with them and their family.

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Birds of Paradise Community Outreach Program


More parrots are being surrendered by their owners than are adopted. The goal of the Birds of Paradise Community Outreach Program is to provide educational experiences to help keep parrots in their homes and explore parrot adoption by sharing expertise on parrot behavior, diet and general care. Executive Director Debbie Huckaby and team embrace opportunities to attend community, club and business events with or without parrots, discussing the plight of the captive parrot and how we can provide them with second chances. The sanctuary also provides private tours to classrooms and special needs programs.

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Debbie's Long Island Bird Society session
Birds of Paradise Volunteer Program


The Birds of Paradise Volunteer Program provides avian-related volunteer opportunities at our sanctuary location for all ages and skill levels. There are volunteer hours available for students to fulfill school requirements and for agencies that give individuals with disabilities the chance to acquire job skills. BOPS is a member of the Benevity Causes community and welcomes sponsored volunteer events. A fundamental underpinning of this program is providing orientation, ongoing training and support for volunteers, including mobile tools to help them manage their experience.

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