Birds of Paradise Emergency Parrot Rescue


Birds of Paradise has long operated an emergency rescue program for distressed, abandoned and abused parrots.

We never have—nor ever will—turn our backs on a distressed parrot.

We exist to provide second chances for so many beautiful parrots who need a place to land when they find themselves in distress through no fault of their own.

Birds of Paradise Emergency Parrot Rescue Fund

Rescuing and providing the best care to our formerly abused and neglected parrots is vital. They deserve every ounce of dignity, love and care that we provide.
But we can’t provide for them without you.

Birds of Paradise Emergency Parrot Rescue Fund
A Short Video About Joe

A Short Video About Joe

This is a short video about Joe, a rescued blue & gold macaw. Joe is one of dozens of parrots rescued from a life of abuse and neglect in Ohio. The cruelty these parrots suffered shocked the avian community. This is the story of Joe's journey to a happy and dignified life at Birds of Paradise Sanctuary.

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Emergency Rescue Fund
Protecting the Captive Parrot

Protecting the Captive Parrot

As we recently completed two back-to-back emergency rescues for 46 distressed parrots, we see these events (collectively with our rescues dating back to 2011) as pieces of a bigger picture of the diminishing voice of the parrot, and shudder as to where this trend may be going.

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Emergency Rescue Fund
Birds Eye View of a Rescue Event

Our "North Port 15" emergency rescue event started with a phone call from an individual desperately looking to place 15 parrots from a Florida home because—yet again—the unimaginable happened. A close relative had died suddenly and there was no plan in place for these innocent birds.

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Emergency Rescue Fund

In August of 2011 our founder, Debbie Huckaby, encountered a heart-breaking situation that would change the course of her life. Dozens of parrots in Troy Ohio had been abandoned and were living in filth and extreme heat with no food and water.

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Emergency Rescue Fund
Second Chances for Parrots

Debbie Huckaby was an invited speaker at the June Long Island Parrot Society meeting. She moved the crowd with her heart-felt second chances talk that included memorable soundbytes such as "I started asking myself... what if I could create a world where second chances for these birds was the norm?"

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BOPS Community Outreach Program


By working with socially responsible corporations, we’re jointly promoting awareness and unity about the plight of the captive parrot within our communities.

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