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We are always looking for guest submissions. The BOPS blog features intelligent, insightful, heartfelt writing that illuminates the avian experience. We're looking for articles that fall under a wide range of avian-related topics such as life with and adoption of companion birds, humor, bonding, nutrition, medical care, grooming, toy making, technology, trends and the issues that bind and divide the avian community.

We extend this invitation to all our followers, supporters, colleagues, friends and fellow bird lovers as our website is for YOU to find the information you need to make a better life for our feathered friends, a better life for the humans that love them, a friendly ecosystem where animals and people live in harmony.

Why Contribute To BOPS Blog?

While we do not pay for guest contributions, there is great value in sharing your love for the parrots in our blog. We have a global avian-focused audience, our readership is growing and this is a great way for you to share your knowledge and experience while supporting our cause. We’re easy to submit to and we’re easy to get along with! As a Guest Contributor, your work would:

  • Be well presented on site that focuses on quality, not quantity
  • Be exposed to an avian-loving audience
  • Be indexed with Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines
  • Be linked back to your social media sites
  • Be promoted through our social media channels (twitter, facebook, etc.)
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