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Birds of Paradise Sanctuary is a rescue, retirement, and adoption facility for exotic birds where we provide a safe, stable and loving home for all of our parrots. For some of them, our sanctuary is a temporary home until they find a constant companion through our adoption program.

For others that are traumatized, fearful of humans and/or temperamentally unsuited for companionship with people it is a permanent home. Our Parrot Pals Sponsorship program is for these birds and allows us to provide them with the love, respect and dignity they deserve in a stable home for the duration of their natural lives.

This is often the case with our rescued birds that come to us during unplanned emergency rescue events and typically include 10 or more parrots in need. We welcome them with open arms, barring those with fatal and/or contagious diseases.


They often have special needs, including a range of physical handicaps or other challenges requiring unique living or feeding arrangements—and this increases our operating overhead by about $1,000 a year per bird as our standards of care includes a nutritionally balanced diet, housing, medical care, perches and toys.

By becoming a Parrot Pal, you join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustaining commitment to these captive exotic birds.

A simple but meaningful gift of $10 to $20 each month lets you invest what makes sense for you while making an incredible impact for these parrots over the course of your membership.

As always, if you, or someone you know, is in need of parrot rescue services, please contact us.

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