Second Chances for Parrots (part 3)

This is a continuation from part 2 of this blog about Debbie Huckaby’s guest speaker presentation at the June Long Island Parrot Society (LIPS) meeting. You can find part 1, part 2, part 4, and part 5 here.

For the BOPS Constant Companions program, Debbie explained that "The crux of this program is our identification of parrots that will thrive in a home-based environment with an abundance of love and human companionship. One of the core values of this program is finding people for birds (and not the other way around). Accordingly, our experienced staff works with each prospective adopter to find the most compatible bird that will bond with them and their family."

She continued that "From a success and challenges perspective, 'success' of the program is directly related to a practice of having prospective adopters visit BOPS sanctuary for bonding, re-socialization, evaluation and screening. This provides them with both insight into the rewards of parrot guardianship while educating them about the requirements of caring for a parrot in captivity."

Debbie explained that "All of our work takes place under the looming shadow of space and funding, however. Every day there are birds that people want to surrender, but unfortunately, we can’t help them all. As difficult as it, but we must stay focused on the ones we can help. We rely in part on adoptions to save more birds. That said, we never take short cuts. Our adoption contract requires that adopters properly care for the parrots and can return them to our sanctuary if they are unable to keep them."

The quantity of BOPS adoptions is as impressive as their quality. Since 2011, BOPS has given over 150 second chances to adopted parrots and their new guardians.

Debbie then spoke about an immediate need for this amazing program—a combined hurricane shelter and adoption center. This onsite facility will shelter up to 400 birds in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster—while providing ambient housing for adoptable birds and serving as a visitation center where adoptees get to bond with their birds.

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