Debbie Huckaby and the Troy Parrots


In August of 2011 our founder, Debbie Huckaby, encountered a heart-breaking situation that would change the course of her life. Dozens of parrots in Troy Ohio had been abandoned—left to fend for themselves with no food and water.

As the story unfolded, parrot advocates became aware of dozens of parrots just outside the Troy, OH city limits. The parrots were living in filth and extreme heat—without food and water. Tragically, many of them died of starvation and disease, while the remainder resorted to the unthinkable—eating other dead or dying parrots simply to survive.

Troy parrot living conditions

As the avian community pleaded with the property owner, who lived in an unheated, uncooled metal pole barn, tensions rose. Then a breakthrough. The owner agreed to relinquish the remaining birds and Debbie sprang into action.

Troy parrot living conditions

She partnered with Golden Gait Trailers in Concord NC—who supplied transportation and funded the rescue—to transport the parrots to the Birds of Paradise Sanctuary and provide them with the love and dignity they deserve.

Fast forward to 2018, and you’ll see this very special flock thriving in a nurturing “forever home” habitat, surrounded by new friends, both feathered and human. As Debbie so aptly stated:

This is a long-awaited dream come true for many people, but most especially the beautiful ‘Troy Angels’, that have waited so patiently to have their ‘flight of freedom’. The Troy Angels are a very special part of my life and I have been focused on their care and future since their rescue. They will continue to be a part of Birds of Paradise Sanctuary & Rescue for the rest of their lives and will live in a large free flight aviary with plenty of sunshine, fresh food, clean water and all the human interaction they want. They remain in good health and have acclimated to their surroundings very well.

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