Creative Giving: BOPS Gets a New Domain Name

Creative Giving: BOPS Gets a New Domain Name!

There are many meaningful and creative ways to plug in to a non-profit organization you believe in—and The Birds of Paradise flying club did just that for us!

We would like to share with you the story behind a very special Birds of Paradise alignment.

Nestled in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains you’ll find the town of Paradise, that about 30,000 people call home. And just south of the city, you’ll find a special use airport aptly named Paradise Airport—that is also home to The Birds of Paradise flying club, an organization of aviation enthusiasts, not necessarily pilots or aircraft owners. Members meet once a month, where activities include guest speakers from the aviation field and the occasional field trip.

Paradise California Airport

Thanks to an all-volunteer, super talented media team, BOPS recently launched our new site website, which gives us a “digital footprint” that represents our love of—and commitment to providing a safe-haven for—captive parrots. As the team was building the site, they concluded that the three words “Birds of Paradise” would be a more effective domain name than the four words “Birds of Paradise Sanctuary.”

“Why” I asked. One of the team members immediately responded that “the brain processes groups of words with multiple consonants differently due to neuronal mechanisms and lexical access…they each create a different status in the mind.” It was like they were just waiting to share this important piece of the digital footprint equation. As my head exploded, I said “yes, of course” and meandered off in search of a nap 😉

This conclusion, however, led to a “whois” search of the current owner of “BirdsOfParadise.org” and subsequent communication with the domain registrant, Steve.

Steve is the webmaster for paradiseairport.com. He informed us that the domain was a pointer to a page on another site, and that he had gotten permission from both organizations to transfer the domain to BOPS. Both the airport and the Birds of Paradise flight club graciously denied monetary compensation for this very generous act—but we can, and have, provided them with a tax-deductible Gifts in Kind donation receipt based on a domain name valuation by GoDaddy.com.

We are pleased to say that our media team has just completed implementing the birdsofparadise.org domain as the new, hosted domain for our organization. Note that for any of you that have the birdsofparadisesanctuary.org domain on “bookmark speed dial”, it will still work as that domain is now forwarded to our new domain.

So, here’s a big THANK YOU shout out to Steve, The Birds of Paradise Airport and The Birds of Paradise flying club for understanding that gifts and in-kind donations of all sorts help us further our work and bring opportunity and much needed resources to our sanctuary and resident parrots.

In closing, whatever the “why” or the “what” is — BOPS recognizes and thanks all our very special supporters.

And our parrots thank you as well.

BOPS Birds Thank You

Adoption Success!

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    Wyatt and Skittles are Constant Companions Now

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