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The Birds of Paradise Constant Companions Adoption Program has paired numerous people with compatible adopted parrots.

At the crux of this program is our identification of parrots that will thrive in a home-based environment with an abundance of love and human companionship.

One of the core values of this program is finding people for birds (and not the other way around), and accordingly our experienced staff works with each prospective adopter to find the most compatible bird that will bond with them and their family.

The success of this program is directly related to our practice of having prospective adopters visit our sanctuary for bonding, re-socialization, evaluation and screening—providing both insight into the rewards of parrot guardianship while educating them about the requirements of caring for a parrot in captivity.



The Birds of Paradise Parrot Rescue Program provides a vital community service wherein Birds of Paradise performs in an emergency parrot rescue capacity for abandoned, neglected and/or abused parrots.

An emergency parrot rescue event occurs when the sanctuary is notified of captive parrots in a distressed state. Typically, we serve parrot(s) that have suddenly lost care from a guardian due to death or sudden illness—but we have also been called to action in cases of extreme neglect when a guardian has stopped providing adequate care for one or more parrots in their possession.

True to our mission, we provide these innocent parrots with the love, respect and dignity they deserve in a nurturing, stable environment for the duration of their natural lives. Without this service, the future faced by these parrots in unthinkable as was evidenced by the Troy Parrots, and most recently, the North Port 15 Parrots.

One of the biggest challenges we have is funding this program, because as vital a service as it is, it comes with very real financial overhead due to minimal or no financial support from the former guardian. We are actively looking for community and corporate sponsors for this program.



Our Volunteer Program provides avian-related volunteer opportunities at the Birds of Paradise Sanctuary location for all ages and skill levels.

General duties include cage cleaning, yard cleanup, feeding the birds and socializing with the birds.

Sanctuary Maintenance includes help with repairs, yard work and avian enclosure maintenance.

For special events, volunteers help with marketing and setting up fundraising events as well as working the events.

Birds of Paradise provides training for anyone that would like to work with the birds directly and has volunteer hours for students, to fulfill their school volunteer requirements. We work with local agencies that give individuals with disabilities opportunities to acquire job skills.

And lastly, we are members of the Benevity Causes community and welcome any corporate-sponsored volunteers, from individuals to groups of up to 25.


community outreach

More parrots are being surrendered by their owners than are adopted. The goal of the Birds of Paradise Community Education & Outreach program is to provide the education required to keep parrots in their homes by sharing expertise on parrot behavior, diet and general care.

Executive Director Debbie Huckaby and an avian expert volunteer from Birds of Paradise make themselves available as guest speakers at local bird clubs and shows. Birds of Paradise also embraces opportunities to attend local community events amenable to parrots, discussing their plight and providing educational materials on parrot care. The sanctuary also provides private tours to classrooms and special needs programs.

Birds of Paradise volunteers and avian influencers regularly contribute informative think pieces showcased as blogs that cover subjects ranging from self-sustaining avian hurricane shelters to how avian flight is informing the new wave artificial intelligence drone and robot flight.

Birds of Paradise uses multiple social media platforms to inform followers about parrot adoption and standard of care. Platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

We provide pages on our website to educate children and young adults about parrots in captivity, including Laugh & Learn and Fun & Games.

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First and foremost, we understand that there are many reasons why a parrot must be surrendered, and our Parrot Relinquishment Program has an open admission policy of accepting all birds regardless of health (barring certain flock-endangering diseases), species, age and behavioral issues.

Our ability to accept new parrots is dependent on us being able to provide suitable aviary/ flight cage enclosures, and we may need to place a parrot on our waiting list until space is available. To ensure the health and safety of all the parrots in our care, we do require records of recent medical tests, a visit to our sanctuary, and completion of a relinquishment form to help us understand the parrots’ needs to make their transition period as smooth as possible.

Many of our parrots have permanent residency at our sanctuary, but we also work closely with current parrot guardians to ensure the best possible solution for them and their parrot. For example, we have helped individuals with short-term life crisis events find temporary foster homes, so they don’t have to permanently relinquish their parrot. We also provide adoption/ re-homing options for eligible parrots through our Constant Companions Adoption Program.

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Birds of Paradise Sanctuary & Rescue was incorporated in the State of Florida in 2011. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Our Federal EIN is 45-3674500.

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